Films produced by Backwards Cars Films 


Coming 2014

Reel (2013)

Reel comprised of various projects created by Backwards Car Productions, Including: - James - Where - The Verge - Ghost of UC's Future - 1000 Words - The In Between - Used Books - Waybu - Gov. Brown on Prop 30 - Nino

Used Books (2013)

A wayward young man, still trying to find his way into adulthood, begins to receive advice from a very unusual source.

4 out of 5 Stars

Winner MCS Film Fest Best Narrative Film

The In Between (2013)

Two travelers navigate a vast wasteland as they attempt to run from unspeakable horror.

James (2012)

When a young girl has a brief encounter with the "man of her dreams" she is consumed by her need to see him again, with dire consequences.